Apr 27, 2012

Pro's and Con's Micro Review: Pix n' Love Rush

Platform: iOS
Developer: Bulky Pix

I've been playing quite a few iOS games lately and I wanted to give Pix n' Love Rush a quick review.

Professional's Take:
The really neat thing about this game is that it's actually four games in one. Most are variations on basic platforming and offer some great variety. The main mode, if you can call it that, called "Rush" has you playing a sort of endless platform game where the goal changes slightly with every, extremely, short level. You'll be running side to side to catch falling pickups one second and running and jumping the next. It's kind of like Wario Ware meets Mario. Great fun.

Consumer's Take:
This game looks and sounds great sporting a retro style pushed to the hilt as the visuals and audio actually switch up as your multiplier climbs in Rush mode or depending on which of the other games you are playing. The visual feel is inspired by consoles and handhelds of old, a nod any Gen X gamer should appreciate. Oh, and best of all, spot on controls.

I highly recommend you give Pix n' Love Rush a go for a damn good, retro inspired time.

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